The Band

Todd Johnson & The Revolvers



The concept behind Todd Johnson and the Revolvers is just that...Revolving. With now over 20 members since  2014, the Heartland Rockers Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band inspired group has been ripping through songs written by Todd Johnson. Solidifying themselves with song releases featuring different players, the ever revolving and adding the right members makes each show and recording special and unique.

For the first time since the band has started, the Revolvers has turned into a 5 person wrecking crew. The best of the best make up the band now, but still have the opening for other members to hop in on all occasions. The Revolvers has developed a usual suspect list of power players and singers. Read below for the real story of the players behind the band....

Todd Johnson - The power promising performance potent poet producer

"Write to be timeless. Perform like the only time that matters is right now."

It's hard to find a short accurate description for Todd Johnson without landing on "American Musical Artist." It's just as hard to say that covers everything.

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and band leader, Todd has spent over a decade as a solo performer and multiple band member of the southeastern U.S. From central North Carolina, his career started in late night bar haunts at the age of fifteen, playing four hour nights across the state. Delving into songwriting mixed with the barroom blues that would please patrons, Todd had to raise the standard of songwriting to be as good as the classic songs he was playing. Through many different groups, he would adapt genres for the crowd, playing with a wave of talented musicians throughout the state.
As a budding recording artist, Todd took his education after high school to interning in studios and graduating from the Larry Gatlin School of Entertainment Technology with a focus on Record Engineering. There he would meet the second wave of influential teachers and musicians who he would share the studio or stage with, eventually becoming a Music Producer. Todd has produced or engineered twelve records, including his first solo release Nowhere To Go But Up (2010). 
After filling in as a country bass player, guitarist, vocalist and live sound engineer for artists touring from Georgia to New York, Todd moved to Charlotte NC to start a new solo project. The EP Self Explanatory (2014), which featured Todd playing every instrument was released with regional success. Needing a full group to perform the record live, Todd decided to use a new form of band. A group that would be a rotating cast using the wave of musicians that he had played with over the years, The Revolvers were born. 


Angela Marie - The provocatively positive proficient paleo purifier

"I am all about the melodic delivery. Give it to me strong, straight and on the rocks. Keep the frills, the fancy runs and the garnish."

Singing since she could talk, Angela started her musical career at home in Conesus NY. Doing concerts for her Grandmother singing Country Roads, she quickly went to singing in church, school or any competition she could find all over the country. Influenced by strong melodic singers like Linda Ronstadt and Ann Wilson, Angela is a lyrical driven person at heart, which can be seen not only in the songs she co-writes with Todd, but in a storefront in Mebane NC called Grit and Grace. Angela started as a proprietor over 15 years ago as Sunshine Soap Company, which has led to her opening and operating her own storefront for years. “Why the name [Grit and Grace]? I’m a little bit of both. Aren’t we all?” Her store walls are covered in her own art, original T-shirt designs (collaborated with Todd), men’s and women’s clothing, handmade jewelry and the Angela-made soap that started it all. When she’s not taking over the world as a business owner or saving the world as a singer, she’s at home raising her two children. There’s probably Bruce Springsteen or Smokey Robinson playing in the background, there’s a chance you’ll hear a strong willed voice singing along at home, right where she started. 

Tyler Menon - The Pulverizing Phenom

"Instead of a Quote, Tyler wanted to write his own bio in all it's glory. So I'll give you a quote about Tyler. He is the best damn drummer the Revolvers could ask for . Period." -Todd

"I've been drumming for about seven years. I mess around on guitar and piano, but the drums are where I find I can best express myself. I like long walks on the beach (at night, of course) and watching Fireplace HD on Netflix. My main influences as a drummer lie in progressive music - like Between The Buried And Me, Steven Wilson and Rush. I'm a pretty easy going guy, not hard to talk to. Being in this band has been a ton of fun, and it's given me a new appreciation for the value of a solid, pocket beat, and waking you up with eggs and bacon on rye with a piping hot cup of tea in the morning. I'll intently listen while you tell me about your coworker who thinks that her mascara is SO much better than yours, before reminding you that you're beautiful without makeup. I live alone with my cat, and when I'm not chilling with her or putting my all into a live show with the band, I'm putting my all into being the best man I can possibly be - the kind of man who, despite having loaded an entire drum set into his Ford Fiesta, still managed to save a seat for you."

Joe Riddle - The Patient Professor

"I'm a total gearhead. The journey for tone is an important one!"

Mr. Riddle is the teacher of many talents, and the master of them all. Starting as a guitarist, over a decade of playing grew to be a mandolin, banjo and bass player. With the growing love of the bass, Joe’s musical roots of classic rock and heavy metal were drenched in Motown and classic rhythm and blues. Being a mixture of styles and performances makes Joe a John Entwistle style bassist with the precision of McCartney. Also as a graduated English major, he spends time as a writer, a video editor and movie buff. As an expert guitar technician he has built, modified and repaired instruments for most of the Charlotte area. Experience makes Joe fit the right foundation for the many changes the Revolvers can throw. 

Jay Moore - The Peaceable Philosopher

"Having Jay in the band is like pouring wet cement in the mold. No matter where the cracks are in a song, he fills it. He never does more than needed, and never does less." -Todd

The newest permanent member of the Revolvers, Jay has been playing the piano for two decades now. From churches to bands to anywhere that has ivory, he has always performed to fit the occasion. As an artist, Jay also writes and releases his own solo material and beat production. When he gets to the microphone (or sitting backstage), he preaches the power of positive thinking and teaches his philosophy on the power of the mind's ability to couquer all.