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Nowhere To Go But Up

Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson


Out of all the songs on my first album, I felt it was just right to make this the title track. I've worked on albums before, had a few that crashed and burned. I was starting over with my first solo release, I felt it was a perfect statement of stating "I might be at the bottom rung of the ladder, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to climb."


There's no console for the broken hearted
but to pick up and go on
For those who mourn the dearly departed
you're never really anlone
To the families who fight to eat
We suffer to appreciate
You won't always feel like your dead on your feet
The hands of fate will fill your plate
There's nowhere to go but up
When your dreams have fallen to the ground
I can say, I'll find a way
to turn it all around
There's nowhere to go but up
When you're lost and can't be found
I can say, I'll find a way
To reach higher ground
To the musicians with just a dollar to their names
They'll always be someone who listens
To the noble minority who stand for their claims
You shall never be beaten
To those who want to put down the bottle
Salvation isn't far away
You want to feel like your losing the battle
it won't always be this way