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Is This the End

Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson, Rhob Elliott


A very early song of mine, I used to gauge my songs by this one. It changed how I wrote, because it was the first time people went out of their way to say "Hey, I really like that one." It was one of the first collaboration songs I ever worked on as well. I was in a band with a brilliant songwriter named Rhob Elliott, and I brought this one in one day. It was about half finished, and he did a great job of seeing what the song could be. I learned quickly from this song how to say as much as possible by saying the least, and to try different things. I had some blinders on thinking what this song MUST be. He took the blinders off by simply making sure I don't barrel straight to how I felt, but how the person I'm saying these things felt too. That's a great lesson I learned, you're not the only person you write your songs for.


If I leave tomorrow, how long would we wait?
Would we be together, how long would it take?
I must be going now, and I know you do too
So lets take a moment, while it's just me and you
Blue skies, white lies
Cascade down on me
You can't, tell me
Just what you believe
We run, we hide
From all that we can't see
Tell me
Is This The End?
Would we be like strangers who meet again someday?
Or Will we be old friends who just drifted away?
Would we still be in love is that too much to ask?
Will this moment decide our lives or define our past?