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Drinking In A Small Town

Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson


The street lights flash on and the bars are lined up in a row
The cover is low and the band is playing songs you already know
Speakers might be busted and the notes might be flat,
but the girls still move to the sound
There's no need to be down, drinking in a small town

From the freeways and alleyways they spill out as they end the day
Lawmen and villains dragging their feet through the clay
I step in line for another time as the congregation frowns
But I'm with the jokers and clowns, drinking in a small town

I journey down the length of the bar to pay my due
To forget that I forgotten to love what I once held onto
Everyone here seems to know all that
But the boys bring the song back around
My memories drown, drinking in a small town

And the drinkers are knighted as they stumble like pigs to the tavern
They meet with Dick and Jane and the bootleggers out on 4th st.
We go out to the dark corners of the caverns, while the cops walk their beat
Yeah we stroll on down, drinking in a small town

Laura's working hard but she smiles as she tends to the flock
Johnny and June are lighting up the saloon as the past plays on the jukebox
Freddie and ziggy who would win between John and Clint
Doug and Lori talk about all the money they've spent
And the mourners spend their last cent

As I stand and sing
About my dreams
This stage is my home
The stage is my home

Baby you don't know me and I don't know you
But we both know what to do
We're caught in a trap there's no looking back
From a tall glance, and it worh takin' a chance?
The people here they take it, they own it
They may not be the best, but they're lost in the quest
We could get lost in the crowd, we could sing out loud

Drinking in a small town
There's no reason to feel down
We all know we should go on home
But we'd rather not be alone
So to your friends and lovers,
Lets have another round
When I'm lost I'll be found in a small town