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Choose Right

Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson


This song was written EXACTLY how it sounds. I had a job working at a restaurant, and at the stop sign at the end of my road, if I took a left, it was a few miles down. If I took a right, about the same distance down was a girl's house that I had started dating. In a beat up truck (that was a perfectly fine truck until my teenage lead foot lead it into a few too many mailboxes and guardrails) on my way to work I had the thought every time I was going to work at the stop sign of how I'd rather turn right than left. I'm sure being a teenage boy with certain things on his mind didn't have anything to do with that thought process.


Pull up to a stop sign from a dead end road
Now I just wonder which way to go
‘cause to my left is my nine to five
And to my right is a girl who makes me smile
You know she’s burned into my memory
It hurts so good it’s so hard to believe
But times are tough I’ve got to make it by
The truth hurts, but lord knows that I try
And I don’t want to hurt myself
By choosing you over something else
I just need to know the reason why
I turn it left
Everything I’m feeling someone’s felt before
I’ve just never walked through that unopened door
How will I know my plans fall in line,
Or will I just be back at this same stop sign?
So I put my foot on the gas
And I know, there’s no time to turn it back
The whisper of the wind that’s passin by
Says you made the right choice boy, keep it up and drive
Pull into a driveway from a gravel road
That was to my right a few minutes ago
Her pretty face and her hair in the wind
I’ll never make the wrong decision again