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Blind Eyes of the Law



This was a song that I had actually written about eight years ago. When Sentenza started working on our debut album, I went back through old recordings for this one, because I kept getting the chorus stuck in my head. The chorus was exactly what I wanted: The rest of the song just sucked really bad. There was no real meat to the song, it was just lame.  At the same time, I was reading a lot of Wild West history, and came across the story of the hanging of James Averell and "Cattle Kate" Watson, two ranchers killed by a man who ran a large, neighboring ranch. Though he was charged with murder, witnesses died or disappeared, and he got off clean. So I combined the two ideas into Blind Eyes of the Law.


Ooh Ooh Ooh tell me know, what do I see?
I see two innocent people hanging from a tree
Killed by a man who was full of greed
A man who didn't give them a sentence to plead
You say you stand in the name of the law
You don't have any law at all
How can you live with yourself?
Which sides of the scales are you on?
How can you justify yourself?
When lying and murder are wrong, in the Blind Eyes of the Law
Ooh Ooh Ooh tell me know, what do I hear?
A kangaroo court is about to endear
A key witness is now called to the stand
But they can't appear they were killed by your hand
I guess lying and killing are the same kind of curse
You've got to do another just to cover up the first
How many have to die for you to earn your claim?
How many have to die for you to save your name?
How many have to die for you to hide your shame?
How many have to die? How many have to die?